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"Thought you might enjoy seeing all your wonderful things in our newly renovated circa 1803 log cabin.  Our guests love the copper tub!"  ~ Laureen G. 

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"Our house was just completed.  We have a lot of work to decorate.  However, some of the most striking aspects of our home are the sinks you designed and made for us."  ~ Dale C.


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Caring for Your Natural Stone Sinks & Bathtub

You will love the fact that natural stone sinks and bathtubs are extremely easy to care for.  In fact, they are practically maintenance free!

With very little effort, your stone sink and bath tub will retain their beautiful color and condition for years on end and, will literally, provide lifetimes of enjoyment! 

Maintaining Stone Sinks & Bath Tubs

There are a few simple and easy steps to follow in order to maintain your natural stone sink and bath tub in 'like new' condition... and each one involves very little time and effort on your part!  

Here's what to do... and how often you need to do it:

  • After each use, give your sink and bathtub a quick rinse with clean water just to be sure your not leaving behind any chemicals or harmful residues that could build up on the surface or etch into the stone. 

  • Give your stone sink and tub a periodic cleaning with a very mild soap and dry it with a soft, clean cloth.

  • Re-apply a protective sealant to your sink and bath tub on an 'as needed' basis... but at least once every 15 to 24 months, depending on its use. 

That's it!  Follow these simple recommendations and your natural stone sink and bathtub will still look as beautiful after 5... 10... even 50 years! of use, as it did on the first day it was installed in your home! 

And, there's one more important note...

All types of abrasive products and acid-based cleaners will scratch the surface of your sink and bathtub and may cause irreparable damage.  Always, always, always avoid using abrasive and/or acid-based products on your natural stone sink and tub. 

Hard Water Areas

If you live in an area where the mineral content in your water is high, it's especially important to dry your stone sinks and bath tub with a soft cloth after each use.   

When 'hard' water is left to stand, minerals in the water can accumulate and may begin to form deposits on your sink and tub.  Once that happens, the residue may be difficult to clean and, in extreme cases, may actually stain the stone.  Should that happen, you'll most likely have to use a specially formulated poultice to 'reverse' the stain, or contact a qualified, 'natural stone' specialist to assist with its removal.      

Protective Sealant - To Seal or Not To Seal Natural Stone

There's a huge debate among natural stone professionals as to whether or not natural stone products ever need to be sealed. 

On one side of the debate are those who believe that natural stone is best left unsealed... in it's natural state.  Their argument is founded in the fact that natural stone can sometimes have any variety of unknown elements embedded in the stone.  Their concern is that artificial sealants have the potential to cause an irreversible discoloration of the stone should there be some kind of a reaction when these elements and the sealant come in contact with one another.  

They are confident that because stone was formed over thousands of years... in the harshest of elements... it can safely withstand all types of use.  Furthermore, they argue, some sealants actually change the stone's natural color and give it more of an artificial look. 

When you consider the many natural stone buildings, monuments and ancient artifacts that have never been sealed and are in amazingly excellent condition despite having been exposed to the elements for years... even centuries... a lot can be said for the argument against sealing natural stone. 

The argument for sealing natural stone rests on the idea that today's world is filled with many harsh cleansers, chemical concoctions and caustic substances that our ancestors never had to contend with.  Most of these items have the potential to etch into the stone and/or damage the surface.  For those on this side of the debate, sealing natural stone is the first line of defense against these potentially harmful elements.  

Definitely each argument has merit and the 'seal or no seal' decision is something you yourself will have to decide.  We, however tend to subscribe to the 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' philosophy and therefore do recommend sealing your natural stone sinks and bathtub. 

To assist with maintaining their beautiful, natural finish, all of our stone sinks and bathtubs are pre-sealed with a penetrating sealant prior to leaving our shop.  The sealant is designed to prevent your sink and tub from absorbing items that may cause staining during normal daily use.  The sealant does, however, loose its effectiveness over time and needs to be reapplied.

You're probably wondering how often should you apply a new coat of sealant.  The answer?  On an 'as needed' basis.  A good rule of thumb is about once every 15 months, however a simple test will reveal if your sink or bath tub needs to be resealed more or less frequently. 

The Test...
Notice if water continues to 'bead up' on the surface or immediately soaks into the stone.  If it no longer 'beads up' on the surface, it's time to consider resealing your sink and tub. 

Applying the sealant is a very easy and quick process.  Just be sure to purchase a high quality penetrating sealer that is appropriate to the type of stone your sink and bath tub are made of.   

Cleaning Your Stone Sink & Bath Tub

There are several stone care products of varying quality on the market today, however specialized cleaning products are not really necessary to keep your stone sink and bath tub in pristine condition.   

A regularly scheduled cleaning with a very gentle soap is all that is needed to keep your sink and tub looking their best.                

To clean... use a soft, non-abrasive cloth, mild soap, warm water and gently wipe the interior and exterior of your stone sink or bathtub.  Rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe your sink and tub dry with a clean soft cloth.

Warning!  Housekeepers love to scrub and polish and typically use a variety of abrasive cleaning agents and disinfectants when they clean your bathrooms.  If they are not informed about the proper care of your natural stone sink and bath tub, they may unknowingly scratch or damage the surface. 

Be sure to go over this information with your housekeeper and educate her or him, about the proper way to clean your stone sinks and tub.

'Care & Cleaning' Online Video

MIA (the Marble Institute of America), has posted a short, informational video on their website entitled, "Care and Cleaning of Natural Stone in the Home".

Although mostly focused on natural stone countertops and flooring, it's very informative and certainly applicable to natural stone sinks and tubs as well.  It's definitely worth taking a look. 

Click on the link below to view the video online at the Marble Institute's site, then use your browser's back button to return to this page.

Marble Institute of America: Education - Care & Cleaning of Natural Stone

Note:  The video lasts approximately 12 minutes and may take a few minutes to open.  It's best viewed by those with high speed DSL or Cable Internet Connections.  Dial-Up users may not be able to open the file or may encounter difficulties viewing the video. 

Printed Version

If you would like to have a printed version of this information, you can download a copy in PDF form by clicking on this link... Caring for Your Natural Stone Sink

*You'll need Acrobat Reader to open the PDF.  Download your free copy now by clicking on the Adobe icon to the right then use your browser's
back button to return to this page.. 
Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon


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Susan & Jorge, Owners
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